Mysiki X Valentine is a proud native Washingtonian and millennial with a deep passion for empowering DC’s communities of color. As an education professional and advocate for racial equality, Mysiki knows that an inclusive, progressive, and empathetic education system is critical
to dismantling racism.

As a child, Mysiki's single mother, who battled homelessness twice, constantly reinforced the values of hard work, humility, and honesty to her son. Now, Mysiki aspires to be a positive role model and advocate for DC’s youth – especially young Black gay men.


Mysiki has worked with children all across DC schools including DC Prep, Friendship Collegiate Academy, W.E Dora, and Cardozo High School.


He has served as chapter president of the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society. Currently serves as the board president for Many Languages One Voice (MLOV) and works fighting for a racially equitable DC budget with the Fair Budget Coalition.  
Outside of advocacy and helping young people, Mysiki can usually be found jogging along the Anacostia River Trail.

At Large Representative to the DC State Board of Education

Experienced Educator | Community Advocate | Progressive LEader

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Sheena Lall: DC School Mental Health Professional

11th grader Gabriela gearing up to protest the school-to-prison pipeline in Mr. Valentine's class 

Mysiki & Timara at her graduation from Duke Ellington School of the Arts 

Mysiki helping to clean up the Anacostia River in Kingman Park NE 

I have taught and mentored students and teachers for over a decade. I have worked as an advocate for racial and economic equity for District residents.  The DC State Board of Education needs a representative with real experience inside the classroom and who has demonstrated a real commitment to making our schools work for all our students. 
  • Open Our Public Education System to All DC Residents. I support a system of public education that affords every resident from birth to adulthood the opportunity to access learning opportunities. I will be a strong advocate for universal early childhood education, college-readiness, and vocational education.

  • Build an Environment to Keep and Grow Good Teachers. Our teachers need to feel supported in their roles to focus solely on the development of our children. I will be working for a growth-based evaluation system and contracts that give teachers real job and income security. 

  • Uplift Family and Student Demands to Hold our School Leaders Accountable. We must bring democracy back to our public education system. I will work to make DCPS and public charter schools more transparent and accountable to District families, students, and teachers.

  • Dismantle the Systems that Keep Our Black and Brown Students from Success. Racist policies and practices are responsible for the achievement gap. We must put an end to racist high-stakes testing and the chronic underfunding of schools East of the Anacostia River and Rock Creek Park.


In November, vote for a candidate who will fight to ensure all our residents have access to high-quality universal public education.​

On November 3, Vote Mysiki Valentine to be your next At-Large Representative to the DC
State Board of Education. Vote for Fully Funded Futures!

 The Only Fair Elections Certified Candidate running at-large


First-hand experience as both student & teacher In DC Schools 

"DC Families Deserve a Representative Loyal to Students and Parents, Not someone aligned with  Corporate education interest"

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Mysiki believes that with parents, teachers and students, DC can create an education system free of inequities and punitive punishments for students. 

Join our movement to ensure all DC students regardless of race, background, orientation or zip-code has access to a high quality public education 


Mysiki's working to restore democracy and usher in a fully funded public education system for DC families. Our campaign has committed to saying NO to corporate contributions and YES to small-dollar contributes from DC residents.

Donate up to $50.00 to help Mr. Valentine create an equitable education system for all DC students.