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I'm a proud native Washingtonian, graduate of DC public schools, and resident of Ward 7. I attended River Terrace Elementary School (now River Terrace Education Campus), Shaw Junior High School, and Friendship Collegiate Academy. 


It was my time growing up here that left me with a deep passion for empowering DC’s most vulnerable communities. As a child, my mother and I battled two bouts of homelessness. Despite the hardships we faced she never allowed me to forget the values of hard work, humility, and honesty.


It's her lessons that got me through my years at the historic Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina. Despite graduating high school in the top of my class, I went into college unprepared for the academic and social challenges presented. The education I had received for 13 years hadn't prepared me for life after the HS diploma.


I went from failing my first essay to becoming chapter president of the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society. I promised myself from then on that I'd work not just to attain an education for myself, but for children that looked like me and shared my life experience.


That's why I became a teacher.

It's what I saw as a teacher that brought me to advocacy. What I saw in my earliest years teaching as a volunteer with Americorps in South Carolina worried me. Under-resourced schools, over-tested students, unheard parents, and under-appreciated teachers.


It's something I saw in Elizabeth, New Jersey and right here in the District of Columbia. Black and brown students were losing out on a lifetime of opportunity because decision-makers were putting politics and private interests above their education.

I decided to leave the classroom, promising my students that I would work to end the systemic inequities keeping them from their fullest, brightest potentials.

In that time, I've worked at the DC Council connecting Ward 7 residents to vital government resources and services and as Advocacy Manager for the Fair Budget Coalition to ensure that the DC budget achieves racial and economic equity. I also serve as board member for Many Languages One Voice (MLOV), supporting efforts to empower our vibrant immigrant community.


For over a decade, I've mentored youth, and worked to raise awareness of the issues facing LGBTQ+ youth of color.


Experienced Educator  |  Community Advocate  |  Progressive LEader



Open Our Public Education System to All DC Residents 

I support a system of public education that affords every resident from birth to adulthood the opportunity to access learning opportunities. I will be a strong advocate for universal early childhood education, college-readiness, and vocational education.

Build an Environment to Keep and Grow Good Teachers 

Our teachers need to feel supported in their roles to focus solely on the development of our children. I will be working for a growth-based evaluation system and contracts that give teachers real job and income security. 

Uplift Family and Student Demands to Hold our School Leaders Accountable

We must bring democracy back to our public education system. I will work to make DCPS and public charter schools more transparent and accountable to District families, students, and teachers.

Dismantle the Systems that Keep Our Black and Brown Students from Success 

Racist policies and practices are responsible for the achievement gap. We must put an end to racist high-stakes standardized testing and the chronic underfunding of schools East of the Anacostia River.


Mysiki is proud to have the support of leaders and organizations from across the District who believe in his fight for fully funded futures for every student.


He knows that big structural change doesn't happen overnight and it can't be done alone, but with the backing of these champions he will get it done.

Current and Former Elected officials

Councilmember Elissa Silverman, At-large

Janeese Lewis George, Democratic Nominee for ward 4 Councilmember

Rep. Markus Batchelor, SBOE Vice President and Ward 8 Representative

Rep. Emily Gasoi, Ward 1 SBOE Representative

Cmr. Randy downs, ANC 2B05

CMr. James harnett, anc 2a08

Former Rep. Joe Weedon, Ward 6 SBOE Representative

CMR. Japer Bowles, ANC 1c07

 CMR. Trupti Patel, ANC 2A03

Former CmR. RoBB Dooling, ANC 6c06

Cmr. Karlene Armstead, ANC 8e06

Community Leaders

Ed Lazere, Former Executive Director of the DC Fiscal Policy Institute

Dr. Carlene Reid, Candidate for Ward 8 Sboe Representative

Keith Hasan-Towery, Chair of the Marshall Heights Civic Association


The Washington Teachers' Union (WTU)

Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America 

Nonprofit Professional Employees Union (NPEU)

Metro Washington Council aFL-cio

Our revolution DC

First-hand experience as both student & teacher In DC Schools


Mysiki believes that with parents, teachers and students, DC can create an education system free of inequities and punitive punishments for students. 

Join our movement to ensure all DC students regardless of race, background, orientation or zip-code has access to a high quality public education. 


Mysiki's working to restore democracy and usher in a fully funded public education system for DC families. Our campaign has committed to saying NO to corporate contributions and YES to small-dollar contributes from DC residents.

Support our fight to create an equitable education system for all DC students. Each contribution is matched 5:1 through DC's Fair Elections Program.

 The Only Fair Elections Certified Candidate running at-large

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Mysiki Valentine, 4124 Ames Street NE Apt 304 Washington, DC 20019. Dawn Crawford, Treasurer. A copy of our report is on file with the Director of Campaign Finance of the District of Columbia Board of Elections.